Hello my name is Derek Gardner
I am a Certified Personal Trainer, having attended the National Personal Training Institute (N.P.T.I), and now I am a teacher here as well, one of the top accredited personal training certifications in the country. I am the owner and operator of Finisher Fitness. We pride ourselves at Finisher Fitness on attending seminars, participating in self improvement courses, and daily continuing education from experts in the field. We feel this will help our clients to reach and maintain their goals under our training system! We try to give each and every client the motivation, structure and accountability they will need! We are professional program designers, and keep our work outs fun, safe and effective. Our goal is to have our clients realize and understand that everyone does not train in the same fashion. This is a program with individual goals, according to their personal limitations and skill level. Regardless of your goals, we can help and accommodate you. From body building to athletes, from weight loss to regular gym enthusiasts who would simply like to feel better, move better, and look better we can help you by designing a 6 to 8 week personalized program for your specific goals. We train all shapes and sizes, ages, and skill levels (from beginners to the most advanced). There is no one that we can’t help. We also take assessments every 6 to 8 weeks of body measurements and goal settings as well as consistently tracking the individual’s progress. We also offer free nutrition programs and consultation along with free weekly informative emails regarding nutrition/training/updates and motivation to help clean up any gaps or weak spots. All of this is included with your training fees! We also offer Boot Camps for only $10 as well. We pride ourselves in accommodating each client’s schedule and make our pricing as affordable and competitive as possible! All we ask for in return from our clients is consistency, hard work, and to give yourself some time to follow the program. We have a proven record of those who have applied these steps achieving great results. Having a trainer will hold you responsible and give you the structure of a professional work out; or to simply improve the program you are currently on that perhaps is frustrating you from lack of results. This will help you live a much healthier, more satisfying life style! Our first session is used as a trial and is free and also comes with a free nutrition consultation at the end of the work out. We like to encourage everyone to take the first step and contact us today to begin what could be a life changing decision for you. Check our videos out on YouTube and Facebook to get a better inside look as to what we are all about. Remember however, what one person may do may not be the best approach for you. This is why we again evaluate you individually and then devise a program.